31 août — 7 novembre 2010. Kunsthalle Gwangju. etoy.corporation

Exhibition : Leaving Reality Behind…
etoy.corporation Swiss artist group which will present all its main works at KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU’s opening, is an outstanding example of an artists’ collective that constantly works on issues relevant to society, thus changing our perception of its technological and political conditions. Over the course of 16 years etoy has consistently pushed the boundaries of art, even turning itself into a corporation, etoy.CORPORATION, with information age longtime insider Joichi Ito as one of the biggest shareholders. etoy’s projects are technologically sophisticated yet accessible to the public. They often invite to participate and become integral part of their work. However broad the conceptual range of etoy’s projects is, they are all aimed at intervening in relevant techno-cultural discourses of their time. Its projects are designed to have an impact on important issues in technologically advanced societies. etoy’s strength lies in combining critical reflection of contemporary technoculture with technologically advanced solutions to address neuralgic points.