John Brockman. How is Internet Changing the Way You Think?

Ok c’est de 2010, en anglais, mais analysé ici in french sur le site français superfourni sur la question internet
mais on peut aussi télécharger le livre en anglais sur ibook et avoir un extrait gratuit sur son iphone ipad évidemment!

Description on the web
The Internet, in the memorable words ot Edge founder John Brockman*, is « the infinite oscillation of our collective consciousness interacting with itsef. It’s not about computers. It’s not about what it means to be human -in fac, it challenges, renders trite, our cherished assumptions on that score. It is about thinking’. In How is Internet Changing the Way You Think?, the latest volume in Brockman’s cutting-edge Edge questions series, 154 of the world’s leading intellectuals -scientists, artists and creative thinkers- explore exactly what it means to think in the nex age of the Interner: from Nicolas Carr’s reflections on what the Internet is doing to our brains, to Richard Dawkin’s sanguine assessment of its long-term potential for good; and for Clay Shirky’s assessment of the impact of the Internet on the dissemination and sharing of knowledge, to Ian and Joel Gold’s observations on the seismic social changes it had brought about. Editor John Brockman has assembled a world-class array of contributors, which includes (in addition to those mentioned abovr) Daniel C. Dennet, Martin Rees, Steven Pinker, Hans Ulrich obrist [incontournable!], Sean Carroll, Brian Eno, Douglas Coupland, Matt Ridley, and scores of others at the epicentre of research in their respective disciplines.