La 6e biennale d’art contemporain de Moscou

Bart De Baere, Director of MUHKA, Antwerp; Defne Ayas, Director of Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam; and Nicolaus Schafhausen, Director of Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, will
co-curate the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art which will take place from September 22
to October 1, 2015 at VDNKh:

« How Gather? Acting in a Center In a City In the Heart of the Island of Eurasia ? »

The curators are not proposing answers; instead they aim to create a situation that addresses the future of humankind, art in its numerous forms and the Eurasian tradition of Russia, all in the setting of the VDNKh, Moscow’s All-Russia Exhibition Centre. A site symbolic of the USSR’s bringing together of traditions, the VDNKh embodies a history of Soviet nationhood as a village of pavilions and fountains. As the curators put it, “Art offers the possibility to gather, the possibility to cease being one, to become two, and perhaps more. It bears the potential to transcend the interpersonal sphere into a veritable soviet.” The potential implied is that of a return to communal, proto-Soviet roots, a search for rapprochement and friendship without loss of individuality.