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Women in Design
Vitra Design Museum, Wiel-am-Rhein, Germany – by Zoom
18 November 2021
Here We Are! is an exhibition of the Vitra Design Museum dedicated to the stories of women in design since 1900. Alice will participate in a panel on the gender politics of design with the exhibition’s curator Viviane Stapmanns and the designer and curator Matylda Krzykowski.
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Design as an Attitude

Brunei Design Week, Brunei – by Zoom
16 September 2021
Design as an Attitude is the theme of Brunei Design Week 2021, which is organised by the University of Brunei Darussalam. Alice will give the keynote lecture on the opening day of BD2021 to discuss the impact of attitudinal design on current practice and future possibilities.
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The Design Week 2021 (DW21)is an annual event organised by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam in collaboration with industry professionals in Brunei, with the objective to discuss the importance of design practice in the development of the creative industries and other economic sectors of local, regional and global economy. The event will be held from 16 to 26 September 2021.

Departing from the bold statement “design is not a profession but an attitude” by László Moholy-Nagy in his book entitled “Vision in Motion” (1947), we take design practice as a response to a world of intense economic, social, political, cultural and ecological instability. Design cannot be governed by profit and development at all cost. Design must be driven by global welfare, promote equity, inclusion, and proactively present solutions for global problems such as social crises, environmental issues, access to education, and dysfunctional systems.

Design practice increasingly uses digital resources but never overlooks human interaction, socialisation and direct dialogue in an environment of tolerance, acceptance, mutual respect and understanding.

The Design Week will focus on four main areas:
Sustainable Design. Discusses the ecological balance between innovation and the environment and presents proposals towards sustainable lifestyles.
Creative/Smart Cities. Explores the integration of digital technologies and the transformation of urban spaces.
Cultural Identity. Analyses the impact of design in the preservation and safeguarding of cultural traditions, values and traditional knowledge.
Future of Design Work. Inquires into the rise of new modalities of design practice and the integration of design products and services across different economic sectors.